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Environmental Assessment (EA) – separate section of design documentation for the construction, reconstruction, expansion or technical renovation of industrial and civil construction facilities, specifying the scope and levels of influence of targeted activities on the environment, list of activities towards the prevention or diminishing of this influence, as well as ecological suitability of design solutions.
EA Regulatory Framework:
  1. DBN А.2.2-1-2003 "Composition and Content of Materials for Environmental Assessment (EA) at Construction and Designing of Facilities, Buildings and Structures". Kyiv, 2004.
  2. Law of Ukraine "On Investment Activities".
  3. Law of Ukraine "On Environmental Protection".
  4. Law of Ukraine "On Environmental Impact Audit".
  5. Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 767 d.d. August 20, 2008 "On Approval of the Procedure for the State Review of Anthropogenic Security of Construction Projects for Facilities, which May Cause a Natural or Anthropogenic Emergency and Influence on Security of Population and Territories, as well as the List of Mentioned Facilities".
  6. Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 554 d.d. July 27, 1995 "On the List of Types of Activities and Facilities of Increased Environmental Hazard".

EA assures environmentally reasonable managerial decision by means of determination of possible unfavorable actions, assessment of ecological consequences, development of measures towards diminishing and prevention of actions and influence, causing environmental deterioration.

EA is conducted considering key figures of current environmental condition, ecological forecasting, possibilities for social and economic development of a region, as well as considering ecological indexes of the territory where facilities used for economic activities are located.

EA aims to diminish or completely liquidate adverse environmental impact since before starting of operation of the facility used for economic activities in this territory.

EA is developed in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "On Environmental Protection", "On Environmental Impact Audit", "On Regulation of Urban Planning", as well as the state Construction Norms in Ukraine.

As a result of the EA, the customer will obtain:

Research and Development Manufacturing Company Ekologiya, limited liability company has highly skilled engineers, who are associate members of All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization On-Site Construction Supervision Engineers Guild and have qualification certificates for engineering and construction design with regard to human life and health safety arrangement, as well as environmental protection.

Research and Development Manufacturing Company Ekologiya, limited liability company performs EA materials maintenance up to receiving of positive conclusion of the environmental impact audit of urban planning documentation.